About Taylor

I am originally from the US.
I also created ReallyWrite, an automatic editor that helps researchers write clearer articles.

I came to the Netherlands in 2011 and started teaching English and academic writing. When I saw the need for an effective academic writing course, I developed my own, using established principles from linguistics and rhetoric. I did my best to develop a course that I would have found interesting and useful when I was younger.

I decided to start my own company so that I could dedicate more time to my students and develop all my own courses. I am constantly experimenting with new ways of learning, trying to find new ways to explain difficult concepts, and trying to find interesting materials to use in my lessons.

My biggest passion is the writing courses, both for researchers and their supervisors.

I prefer to only use theory when it is grounded in practice. For a practical skill like language and writing, I believe you only need to know the theory enough to understand how and why you should use it. I find it most important to empower everyone to discuss their writing objectively and to understand that they have options. I want people to have the ability and freedom to reason about why one option might be better than another.

When I work with people on spoken, rather than written, English, I focus on being able to speak clearly and naturally, not about learning abstract grammar rules. I focus on the nuance and context.

I offer courses in person and online. I can travel to provide workshops and intensive courses at your university or company.