Academic Writing Workshop for Supervisors of Master's and PhD students

English writing techniques for research, academia, and publication

Modern science writing is (and should be) clear and easy to understand. But much writing is unclear, not because we mean it to be, but because we simply do not know how to write clearly.

This two-part workshop will help you coach your students to adopt techniques that make writing clear. It will allow you to communicate more efficiently with your students and thus reduce the amount of time you spend reviewing or rewriting a student's work.

I've given writing courses to PhD students for many years in which I teach them to apply certain fundamental principles to structure their sentences clearly and logically. If you, as their supervisor, can use these same principles as the basis for your feedback, you can more specifically point out the flaws in their writing and give the responsibility of fixing these flaws back to the students.

Goal of the workshop:
Improve the quality of collaborative writing as well as the quality of communication between supervisors and PhD students

In this workshop, we will first learn the main writing principles that writers use to write more clearly. Then we will practice both identifying where these principles are lacking and giving clear feedback, with the aim of avoiding confusion or misinterpretation among collaborators on a writing project.

This workshop is open to anyone who is supervising beginning academic writers at the University of Utrecht and other universities and research institutions. It is structured as two sessions of three hours each.

Topics covered include:

  • setting the structure from the start
  • parallelism
  • given to new principle
  • verbs vs zombie nouns
  • balancing formality
  • nuancing with verb tenses

We will also review specific issues brought by the participants.

I can really recommend the workshop scientific writing for supervisors. It shows you how to pinpoint what is wrong in the sentence, rather than just having a vague idea that something is wrong. It makes it easier to comment on students' papers in an efficient and time saving manner. You learn how to get started with a student and how to have them build up an article step by step. And on top of that it refreshes the principles of scientific writing which will improve your own writing skills. This all within a short 2 part workshop. Rimke Vos

  • This workshop is given in two sessions of three hours each, with a few weeks in between sessions.
  • The cost of this workshop is €450 per participant. It will be given in small groups (<10 participants) to encourage discussion.

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