I can really recommend the workshop scientific writing for supervisors. It shows you how to pinpoint what is wrong in the sentence, rather than just having a vague idea that something is wrong. It makes it easier to comment on students' papers in an efficient and time saving manner. You learn how to get started with a student and how to have them build up an article step by step. And on top of that it refreshes the principles of scientific writing which will improve your own writing skills. This all within a short 2 part workshop. Rimke Vos (Academic Writing Workshop for supervisors)

Last year I attended your ‘academic writing in English' course. Last week I had a meeting with my supervisors to discuss my PhD progress and they mentioned the high quality of my writing. Thanks to you! I noticed that the course really improved my writing. Again, I want to thank you for your very helpful course. Kirsten (Academic Writing 1)

Before taking the first academic writing course with Taylor, writing was a daunting task. After taking the course, writing has become the most enjoyable task. That’s why I did not hesitate to take the academic writing course 2. During this course Taylor helped me to get rid of some of my most common mistakes while writing and to give an easy flow to all my texts. I am very happy with the results. Yared S. (Academic Writing 1&2)

Do you recognize that moment of sitting behind your desk looking at a blank screen, feeling desperate, or that moment of receiving back your manuscript completely red and unrecognizable? I did, but not anymore! My English has significantly improved after following the course “academic writing”. I felt that co-authors understood what I was writing about. Wow! I was delighted! However, I wanted more and followed part 2 of the course. Now, I am even arguing about the English words, grammar, past or present, British versus American, concise writing and the flow of the text. That is what you want, isn’t it? To be a sparring partner in the English language. Taylor is a very good coach in bringing you there! She teaches you how to shape your text into an excellent piece of art! And writing is fun now! Maaike S. (Academic Writing 1&2)

I took a private English course with Premier Taaltraining. I had previously lived and studied in the US and had built up a pretty high level of English, so I needed a challenging and customized approach to improve my speaking, writing, and listening skills at my own pace. I had been searching for a sufficiently challenging course for quite a while before I found this course. The one-on-one approach turned out to be exactly what I needed. Because we focused on writing and analyzing complex documents, my knowledge in many areas has improved in a short time. The personalized approach produces tangible results quickly. Highly recommended! Guido F. (private lessons)

When I started an individual course with Taylor Krohn, I wanted to improve my English writing. In my professional life, I felt limited when writing scientific papers or emails. In this course, I learned not only to improve my academic writing but also to structure my texts. I also learned some advanced rules of written communication. I now feel more comfortable and able to accurately express my ideas and have even started to correct my colleagues' work. I strongly recommend Taylor as a teacher. She perfectly mixes theory and direct practical advice on your own work. Leïla P. (Academic Writing)

I had some private lessons with Taylor because I needed to considerably improve my academic writing. I am absolutely satisfied with the results. Before knowing Taylor, writing was quite frustrating. Not only is Taylor clear and good at teaching, she is also very encouraging and she stimulated me to develop my own writing style, which I really appreciated! Now I feel more comfortable when I write and I am able to express my ideas. I recommend Taylor as a teacher, I’m sure you’ll notice your improvements in a very short time! Simona M. (private lessons)

I started English lessons with Taylor to improve my fluency in work related conferences. I made quick progress in a short time thanks to the targeted exercises. The customized assignments were very focused on my needs and interests and I liked that I could learn at my own pace.
I would recommend these lessons. Taylor is an expert teacher. She explains grammar calmly and clearly and she tries to fit your interests to the lesson material. She adapts the course to your needs.
Annemarieke B. (private lessons)

Very complete and detailed course. You teach students from scratch to become the real experts of Academic English Writing.
Yinghe H. (Academic Writing 1)

Today I received the comments by two reviewers on the paper I wrote during this class:
"This paper is well written."
"This is an interesting and well-written paper."
So thank you, your advice paid off! :)
Sophie (Academic Writing 1)

It has changed my writing significantly and therefore incredibly improved my scientific output quality. I think this course should be strongly encouraged for all PhD candidates. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

Taylor made me aware of the few (but essential!) rules in scientific writing and how to benefit from them. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

When writing my manuscript, I thought that one could understand it with ease. After this course I know that it wasn't, and I know why it wasn't. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

That you really see a change in yourself (and others) with regards to writing. I think it is an eye opener that written text should be as simple as possible. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

A great person teaching us how to be great at communicating clearly. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

My writing really improved after following this course! anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

Anything you always wanted to know about academic writing. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

I did not like writing texts before this course, especially when it came to writing tedious scientific articles. A friend of mine talked me into doing this course anyway. I definitely do not regret it! After this course I have a better understanding of the things that make a text flowy and readable. I now even enjoy trying to write an easy to understand and well written sentence. Taylor did a good job teaching this course and making me enthusiastic about (scientific) writing. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

I just want to say that Taylor her enthusiasm, knowledge of the subject and skills were on top! She is one of the best teachers I have ever had! anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

Taylor has an infectious enthousiasm for conveying information accurately and effectively. She made me see writing as a sort of puzzle (i.e. 'how can I convey this idea most effectively?'), rather than a chore. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

Taylor as a teacher is such a blessing! She is enthusiastic, stimulates you to learn, involves everyone. I thought when I started this course that I was average on writing academic English, but after this course I feel far more confident in writing! I now know how to structure sentences and recognize the mistakes. I can recommend this course to everyone! anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

I learned a lot of things that may not sound difficult, but to apply them yourself actually is. Taylor's feedback was great! anonymous (Academic Writing 1)

I got very brilliant tips which changed my view of writing. anonymous (Academic Writing 1)