Academic Writing in English

Follow-up course

Academic Writing in English Part 2 is a continuation course for PhD students, post-docs and researchers who have already taken Academic Writing in English.

Participants should be familiar with the strategies discussed in the first academic writing course. In the advanced course we will use all these strategies to find a balance between readability and register and discuss the different trade-offs that writers will face and how to approach them. We will also discuss more advanced vocabulary and its correct use.

This course aims to give participants the skills to recognize what makes academic writing clear, concise, and even stylish, which will serve them throughout their academic career. Students will receive extensive individual feedback during the course, as well as benefit from class discussion.

  • The follow-up course will consist of 4 half day sessions, one every other week to allow time for editing.
  • The cost of this course is €450 per student.

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